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 Purpose Driven Life? Whats the point?

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Purpose Driven Life?  Whats the point? Empty
PostSubject: Purpose Driven Life? Whats the point?   Purpose Driven Life?  Whats the point? Icon_minitimeWed Oct 12, 2011 4:11 pm

Whats the point of all this is a question that some of you may have asked yourself. Before I answer that I would like to ask a few questions myself.

- What is the point of having an IPOD that you have no music on and never use?

- What is the point of going to work if you are not getting paid?

- What is the point of having a pair of brand new shoes if you dont wear them?

Purpose Driven Life?  Whats the point? Michael-Vick-Cmon-Son-DDotOmen

My point of saying all of this is simple. All these things were made for a purpose and if they are not doing what they were made for then they are useless. So I ask you: what is the point of calling yourself a child of God if you are not fulfilling the purpose for why he created you?

This study will help you to understand your purpose in God and give you some clarity on a few questions you may have pertaining to it.
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Purpose Driven Life? Whats the point?
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