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***Attention*** Congratulations to Christ Point Challenge I Winner - Kiante. Stay tuned for more details about the next challenge.


This chapter introduces a third main purpose that God has for our lives: We were created to be like Christ. God wants us take on his values, attitude, and character, just as Jesus did. God has given us the Holy Spirit that produces Christlike character in us. But, we must cooperate with the Holy Spirit's work. We must have obedience and confidence to move ahead and develop our character. God uses his Word, people and circumstances to mold us. The Word provides the truth we need to grow, his people are the support, and our circumstances provide an environment we need to practice Christ likeness....
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This chapter was about how it is our responsibility to keep the unity of our church. How do we do this? One way is to focus on what you have in common, not differences. One Lord, one body, one purpose, one love. Following Christ is not about what race your are, how old you are, etc. Be realistic in your expectations. There we be people who may offend you, intentionally or unintentionally, but that doesn't mean that you should just up and stray from the church. The church can be full of hypocrisy and hurt, but it is our job to try to work things out. Choose to encourage rather than criticize. When...
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This chapter was about restoring broken fellowship. God want his family to be known for love, so broken relationships are a disgrace to him. There are seven biblical steps to restoring relationships. First, talk to God before talking to the person- pray about conflicts instead of gossiping. Always take the initiative-Regardless whether you feel you were right or wrong-make the first move to work things out. Sympathize with their feeling-listen as well as express how you feel; try to see the other's perspective. Confess your part of the conflict- admit your own mistakes. Attack the problem, not...
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This chapter was about producing a loving Christian community. To make a loving cultivating community requires honesty. We should "speak the truth in love". Sometimes we will have to confront our loved ones who are struggling with sin because we care where their soul will end up. Be open about problems or even struggles you are facing, so that we can get through them together. Cultivating community takes humility- we should avoid being prideful and stubborn. We should be humble, and think more of others, and admit we need help when we do. Cultivating community takes courtesy-...
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This chapter was about how God intends for us to experience life together-fellowship with one another. Some people tend to confuse fellowship with things like just casual conversation and socializing with food and fun, but fellowship is much more. Its unselfish loving, honest sharing, sympathy, sacrifice, and practical serving. We should strive to have real and sincere fellowship. In real fellowship you experience authenticity- sharing hurts, revealing feelings, confessing failures, disclosing doubts, admitting fears, acknowledging weaknesses, and asking for prayer and help. Being honest...
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This chapter was about how we are created not only to believe but to belong. When we join the Church of God, it is far more than just adding your name on a role, buts its like becoming an organ in an actual body. Everyone's role is important for the function of the body, but separated, we cannot fulfill our jobs. Many Christians feel that it's not necessary to be apart of a local congregation, but that's not true. God wants us to fellowship with other believers, and be committed and accounted for a church, instead of being "bunny believers" like Warren said. Having a church family identifies...
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This chapter is about LOVE- what life is all about. God is love, and it is very important to understand how to love. God wants us to love everyone, but especially the others in his family, because God wants his family to be known for love more than anything else. God wants us to practice sincere, unselfish love while we are here on earth, to prepare for an eternity of loving with him in his kingdom. Love should be the main priority of our lives, the most important goal, because God already told us that the greatest commandment is to love, and it is the foundation of every other command. Life without...
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This chapter was about how we are "formed for God's family". Our second purpose in life is to be a part of God's family. God didn't need a family, but chose to create us, bring us in to his family, and share everything he has with us. In this family, God is our Father, we are his children, and other believers are our brothers and sisters. Everyone was created by God, but no everyone is a child of God. You become a child of God when you are born again. As children of God we share the family fortune-eternal life with God, free from all pain, death and suffering, we will become like Christ,...
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This chapter was about keeping consistent worship even in tough times. Some of the most powerful worship experiences are encountered when you're going through pain and suffering but still remain to have faith and give God the praise. Regardless of how strong our relationship with God is, there will be times when God seems distant from us. We all have times when we feel alone, as if God forgot about us. But these times are simply a test to challenge our relationship with God. God has never, and will never "leave nor forsake us". He just wants to see if your faith will remain strong, and...
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This chapter was about worship that pleases God- giving your all. God doesn't want partial obedience and halfhearted commitments, but full sincere devotion.
--God is pleased when worship is accurate. Worship has to be based on scripture, not our own ideals. Worship God in spirit and truth. Ensure that your worship is aligned with according to the word of God.
--God is pleased when our worship is authentic. Worship must be genuine and heartfelt. Worship isn't saying words that just sound good, but looking past words and expressing emotion and feelings from the heart. "Your...
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This chapter was a continuation of chapter 11, in developing your relationship with God. Having a sincere and strong relationship with anyone won't just happen, but it requires desire, time and energy.
--First off, you must be honest with God. Express how you feel, and what troubles you. Job was honest with God, and vented his feelings and troubles. In the end, God respected Job's honesty and blessed him. God is very honest with us in return. He does not try to cover things up, but God is straightforward. When He is fed up, He will let it be known, and when He is pleased, likewise. God also...
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This chapter was about the different aspects of our relationship with God. He is our creator, judge, redeemer, and much more. But God also desires to be our best friend. He wants to be intimate with me, he wants us to learn everything about him, he wants us to be able to openly communicate with him. Think about your best friends and how you all got to where you're at now. Intimate relationships have to begin somewhere, usually with conversation. God wants us to be open to Him expressing every experience, every problem, everything. Pray pray pray, whether they're short and simple, or long and complex,...
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Chapter ten was about surrendering yourself completely to God. Alot of times we hear the word "surrender" being used as something negative like giving up or losing, but surrendering to God is a good thing, and it is the heart of worship. But there are three things that prevent of from surrendering to God completely: pride, fear, and confusion. Sometimes we let fear get in the way. We are afraid that God will try to take complete control over us and give us no will. But God doesnt force us to follow him, but he encourages us because he loves us, and love casts out all fear. WE have...
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Chapter nine was about how we can make God smile: ways to please Him. God smiles when we love him supremely- He wants a sincere relationship with us. For us to listen to Him, spend time with Him, LOVE him. God also smiles when we trust him completely- have faith even when we grow weary and things don't seem clear. Noah had amazing faith in God, having to spend his lifetime building an ark, and rounding up all animals, for a flood that would wipe out the world...unheard of right? People probably thought he was crazy, HE probably thought he was crazy, but Noah trusted and believed anyway. God smiles...
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Chapter eight was about how we were created for GOD's pleasure, rather than our own pleasure. He did not need to create us, but chose to, so that we could fulfill his glory, purpose, and delight. Living for God's pleasure is the first purpose of our life. We bring pleasure to God through worship. But like Warren said, we do tend to confuse worship with being just "music", slow smooth songs. Worship is not just lifting God through music, but much more- praying, scripture reading, offering, listening to the sermon, and communion. Anything that sincerely exalts God. We also have to remember...
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Chapter seven was about how everything was created by God to reflect his glory in some way. It is our job to recognize, honor, declare, praise, reflect, and live for His glory. I found it interesting but also saddening that according to the book, the two only things that fail to bring glory to God are fallen angels ( demons) and us (people). We cannot fully bring glory to God because of sin, but we can at least attempt to by trying to live right and according to the will of God. Jesus honored God by fulfilling his purpose on Earth, which we all should follow. We can bring Him glory by worshiping...
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Chapter four was about taking eternity in to consideration. Many people tend to get caught up in the enjoyment of life. However, this life is only preparation for a life that is far greater and lasts forever. That life is spending eternity with Jesus Christ, but it is only for those who he approves. Instead of focusing on the luxury of this life, we should focus more on where our souls will end up for eternity. This temporary life can be all lost at any moment. Some people try not to think about death but it is real and we will all experience it one day, so don;t go through life unprepared for...
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Chapter six was about how life can be viewed as a temporary assignment. We must remember that the length of life on Earth doesn't compare to the eternity we can spend in Heaven, so don't get too attached to worldly desires. I like how Warren compares our life on Earth as simply a visit or travel, and that we as Christians should keep our "spiritual green card", meaning our actual citizenship is in Heaven. We should not live for the here and now. We should not "flirt" with the world, or we can get caught up, and our God is a jealous God. "Don't indulge your ego at the expense...
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Chapter five was about the way you view life as opposed to the way God views it. Some people express their lives through hair styles, the way they dress, cars ,etc. However, we should express our lives and be an example by exemplifying our walk in Christ, or how we follow God and his words. The bible teaches us that life can be described as a test, a trust, and a temporary assignment. God will give us trials to face, not to break us down, but to make us stronger. He entrusts us with the care and management of His Earth, so when He returns God will judge us each on our responsibilities as a servant....
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Chapter three was about the driving forces of our lives. A lot of times we are driven by guilt, anger, fear, materialism. approval and other influences. We strive to maintain a certain status to satisfy ourselves or so that others can accept us (materialsim/approval). We often let our emotions get the best of us, and we find ourselves motivated just to prove others wrong (anger/guilt). Sometimes we are afraid to move forawrd in what God has for us (fear). These are the wrong reasons to be motivated and driven. Knowing the purpose God has for you gives you a drive that keeps you focused, humble,...
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Chapter Two was about how God knows us inside out. From the number of hairs on our head to the bones in our body. Everything about us, God knew before we were born. Our race, skin color, hair, personality...everything. God has a reason for everything he creates. Regardless of the circumstances we were born in, we are not accidents. God created us through his amazing love and He has a purpose for all of us. Sometimes we underestimate God, but in all actuality He is the all knowing Creator, not us, and we are his greatest creation, so we should act like it.
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Chapter one was about focusing on the purpose God has for you, rather than your own wordly ideals of what you want to do with your life. To discover your purpose in life, you must turn to God's word, not the world's wisdom. God created each and every one of us for a reason, and he knew that purpose before we were even consumed. We tend to get self-centered when trying to figure out our purpose, but if we stand beside God he will reveal his works in us when he feels necessary.
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